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One reason for this is that a big piece of the nave was torn down in the English Civil War to bolster Carlisle Castle.The architecture is Gothic, mostly from the 13th and 14th centuries.The castle has exhibitions on Bonnie Prince Charlie, William II and Mary Queen of Scots, who was imprisoned here in 1567.You can tour passageways, spiral stairways and dungeons, and decipher beautifully detailed carvings by prisoners.

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It can be hard to find your footing when you're looking for the right match but by joining The Cumbria Dating Site you can meet singles from a range of locations including Windermere and Barrow-In-Furness, meeting singles online expands your social circles and increases your chances of finding love. The Cumbria Dating Site make it easy to become a member!The first thing you have to see is the East Window, the largest in the Flowing Decorated Gothic style in the country, with mesmerising workmanship in its tracery, and most of its original Medieval glass in place.The set of 46 black oak choir stalls is also special.In the 2nd century AD, during the rule of Emperor Hadrian, an epic border defence 73 miles long was constructed across the neck of Northern England.There were forts every five miles, “milecastles” (every mile) and two turrets in between those.

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