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In practice the DATESYTD function can be replaced by a FILTER, and the previous expression corresponds to the following one: If you know how the filter context (https:// works, you might wonder why the filter over a single date column removes the filter on other columns (such as Year and Month), as it happens when you use the measure for year-to-date using the expression above in a report.

In fact, in order to remove all the filters from other columns, you might write the following expression, which only differ from the previous one because the filter iterates the entire Calendar table and not only the values of the Date column in the same table.

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Here is the where the Mark as Data Table setting can make a difference.

When you apply the Mark as Date Table setting to a table, the DAX engine automatically adds an ALL function over the same table in each CALCULATE statement where a filter over the column used in that setting.

The study tested the sperm of 400 men after putting them through intense mental testing.

Those with higher IQs directly correlated with having healthy sperm. Women are attracted to intelligence because their ovaries can sense that choosing a smart mate means a better chance of having babies.

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