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But, as a former natural blonde, I’ve never paid that much attention to all that.

I’ve changed my hair colour regularly since the age of 15.

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So, in the end, three per cent of people I said yes to decided they wanted to talk me. I’d been blonde for most of my adult and teenage life, so I made sure to use fairly recent blonde photos of me, such as university photos, so age wouldn’t be too much of a factor. The difference was unbelievably obvious and it was immediate. That’s at least three times more than when I was brunette.

That wasn’t an encouraging statistic to start with, especially as I hadn’t been selective. Not only that, but the Tinder we know and love came out of the woodwork.

So began the conversations, and I hate to say it but it was very tame affair – hardly any of the poorly thought-out sexual innuendos, come-ons or requests for dick pics that Tinder has become so famous for. In the shape, for example, of this beautifully crafted message: This guy didn’t mince his words either: Was undeniably blonde me. After some reflection, I came to the conclusion it might be to do with the type of pictures I chose as well – maybe my experiment wasn’t as clean as it could have been.

The kind of surprising thing about this study is that blonde ranks the lowest on the spectrum with towheads going on only about three dates a month.

Redheaded dudes score higher than blondes on this one, guys.

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    Bonus om du gillar ngot av: asiater, rumpor, petite, cosplay/jessica nigri, alizee, kpop, tecknat(overwatch m.m.),,igumdrop m.m.