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If you drop something, a man in uniform will pick it up.If you’re trying to carry something heavy and look like you’re struggling, it’s likely a military man will ask if you need any help. They’re conditioned to offer help, they like to be of service, and their mamas trained them right because with a military man, chivalry is definitely not dead.Speed dating can be found in almost every town and usually takes place in a bar, club or restaurant.The tables are set up for two people and everyone gets to spend an average of three minutes in conversation before switching to another partner.They don’t have much time to party or date around, so when they meet the “right girl,” they’re usually more ready to take the next step.Jill is a freelance writer in the Washington, DC area with a background in international politics and film.People are attracted to the military lifestyle for varying reasons.

The women they want to come home to are usually no different.In her free time, she enjoys shopping at Whole Foods, doing yoga, horseback riding, cooking and gardening.So basically, all of those healthy things that people do to make up for binge watching Netflix, drinking red wine, and eating doughnuts.They want to have someone waiting for them when they get back from a combat zone.They become interested in settling down a little earlier in the life than the average guy, probably because circumstances make them grow up a lot faster.

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