Dating a navy seal verizon phone updating

If you’re uncomfortable with transition or you have a hard time making friends, perhaps dating a Navy SEAL isn’t the best idea.Moving around just to be near someone who has no choice in where they’re stationed is certainly a difficult thing to do.

Plus, it’ll make your relationship stronger if you keep things, especially your issues, between each other. Their work schedule is always changing and if you’re going to get upset every time he has to stay late at work or if a deployment homecoming gets delayed, dating a Navy SEAL isn’t for you.

No one said dating a Navy SEAL would be easy, but these tips can help.

Navy SEALs are busy and they have to take their jobs very seriously.

You’re not going to understand why your partner has to put his job before you or even before himself.

The happiest and healthiest people who are dating a Navy SEAL are the ones who are also incredibly patriotic.

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