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Gunned down by snipers' bullets on a bridge in Sarajevo in May 1993, their bodies entwined in death's grip, Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic came to symbolize what once was.Their story was first brought to light by journalist Kurt Schork in a Reuters report before being immortalized as "Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo" in an award-winning Frontline documentary broadcast in 1994.She crawled to Bosko and, after about 10 minutes, died at his side.The bodies remained in the no-man's land of besieged Sarajevo for nearly four days before Serbian forces surrounding the city sent some Muslim prisoners to gather them. They were not from the same tribe, they did not have the same god, but they had each other and a dream of escaping it all," go the lyrics of Bosko And Admira, a rock song by the Sarajevo band Zabranjeno Pusenje that marked the 20th anniversary of the couple's death in 2013.Bosko, a 24-year-old ethnic Serb, was killed instantly as the couple made a desperate dash across the Vrbanja Bridge toward freedom and safety.

Killed In Sarajevo Before the war, Sarajevo was the epicenter of mixed marriages at an estimated 34 percent.When I lived in Serbia, I dated a Bosnian Serb, but they are different from the Bosniaks. I really prefer people that move here make an effort to integrate with the larger society.Having a group of people move to our country and isolete theirselves really doesn't benefit us or them.But before the wars that accompanied Yugoslavia's demise, Bosnia was an exception to the rule.Mixed communities among its population -- 40 percent of which is Muslim, 31 percent Bosnian Serb, and 10 percent Bosnian Croat -- were commonplace.

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