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code to set up the data adapter // add the event handlers da.

Row Updating = new Sql Row Updating Event Handler(da_Row Updating); da.

Single quote delimiters are added around the string values. The solution delimits the string values for the Category Name and Description fields in the Categories table from the Northwind database used in this example.

Finally, the statement is added to a // Namespaces, variables, and constants using System; using System. Ensure that strings, dates, and any other fields are properly delimited when values are substituted for parameter names in the , the solution remains fundamentally the same if you use your own custom updating logic.

Fill(data Set, 0, 5, "Table") ' Modify Data Set Dim table As Data Table = data Set. Rows(0)(1) = "new product" ' add handlers Add Handler adapter.

Get Command Line Args()) End Sub Overloads Public Shared Function Main(args() As String) As Integer Const connection String As String = _ "Integrated Security=SSPI;database=Northwind;server=MSSQL1" Const query String As String = "SELECT * FROMProducts" ' create Data Adapter Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(query String, connection String) Dim builder As Sql Command Builder = New Sql Command Builder(adapter) ' Create and fill Data Set (select only first 5 rows) Dim data Set As New Data Set() adapter.

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The Table Adapter Manager has got a lot more options to configure than the Table Adapter alone. I have checked the database and I can see that it was successful. I'm currently working on a program that allows for connections to multiple provider specific databases, so obviously I'm using the non-provider-specific classes (in System. Common) to work with these various connections once the connection or data adapter has been instantiated through the use of the provider's implementation. Sql Client; private const String CATEGORIES_TABLE = "Categories"; private const String CATEGORYID_FIELD = "Category ID"; private Data Table dt; private Sql Data Adapter da; private Sql Command Builder cb; private String Builder sb; // . Event Args e) private void update Button_Click(object sender, System. private void Custom Adapter Batch Update Form_Load(object sender, System.

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