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And for those of you wanting a better sense of Alexandre’s aesthetic (other than women — which is obviously beyond reproach), here is one of his posters titled “Rider Jesus” from his website: (It’s only .99 for this three-color screen print numbered and signed by Alexandre!

) And just in case you missed the link above, Alexandre’s website is you want to check out more of his work!

Danielle is the face of Antique Archaeology, and is the “glue” that holds the cast together.

She often scouts out good opportunities for Mike and Frank to check out, and otherwise keeps the store afloat. She’s currently an ambassador for Batey Girls, a jewelry company that empowers young women in the Dominican Republic.

Even though he was a fire and safety inspector for many years, he now spends all his time on the road with his best friend of many years, Mike.

Frank is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and Mike apparently likes to call him the “bearded charmer” due to his knack for getting along with sellers.

Or at least he did back in September when Danielle shared this next photo of her tie-clad beau along with an excited caption: “Happy happy day! The immigration office couldn’t have been nicer, that was an unexpected surprise.

Maybe it helped that they were watching an American Pickers marathon when we walked in 😉 “ It’s not clear just how long the two have been together, but Alexandre’s name looked familiar to me and when I looked through my old posts about Danielle I realized he was the one who had created the 4 Miles 2 Memphis logo just prior to Danielle opening her first location near Antique Archaeology in Le Claire, Iowa.

He is adorable though and If I was 75 I would snatch him up) My dudes name is Alexandre, he is an artist, he also is a brilliant man who designed the blueprints for the Michelin Museum in France as well as many other structures there.

Alexandre’s full name is Alexandre De Meyer and he sells t-shirts, posters, and postcards under the name Neuf Vies.

(Facebook page and website links) He describes himself this way in the “About Me” section: I’m a graphic designer artist from France, I work for bands, I create posters, covers artwork, logos, stikers, t-shirts design, merch design…

She’s also in a band called Gin Rummy, and has produced a documentary about a burlesque performer.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’s a mom of three, as well.

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