Cystic fibrosis not dating each other

They ended up being colonized years earlier than they might have been if they had not been exposed to other carriers.

These aren't germs they would ordinarily get from healthy people, but from other people with CF? So nowadays we encourage CF patients to connect in less infectious ways, for their own safety.

Ironically, we agree that breaking up was the best thing that could have happened to our relationship. But like an arrow pulled back, back, back, I shot forth with intense velocity toward aspirations and missions I’d previously never imagined achieving. Once I left it, I needed to dive into discomfort, which led to epic adventures.

She and I remain close friends — she even offered to buy me a concert ticket for our “breakupiversary.” How could we not feel a continued bond after she supported me through those countless days in the hospital, transplant, and deafness?

This is one case where you should shun your parents' otherwise good advice on sharing.

I’ve been single for a year now, and I’m darn proud of it.

Patients with cystic fibrosis are highly susceptible to lung infections.

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Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

Shortly before my medical training, there were a lot of “CF camps” out there where children with CF could get together, bond, share their experiences with each other, learn about their disease, etc.

They were great for the young patients' morale.

Here’s what I learned from that relationship and while flying solo: In the graphic novel “Scott Pilgrim,” a Canadian dude crushes on a girl named Ramona Flowers and must battle her seven evil exes to date her. Perhaps the seven evils are prednisone rage, limitless vomiting, mucus (lots!

), sterility and infertility, traumatizing hospital stays, mental health crises, and … A nurse said that, on the bright side, I will stay looking young forever (a CF stereotype) and will never get “fat like most middle-aged men.” Shrug.

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