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He will get to run his hands over panties, run them up to her silk covered legs and grope her boobs under her bra, all of which YOU forked out for.

She might have you go shopping with her to pick out outfits and get you to pay, or maybe she will just charge your card and text you about it later.

get ready for cruel cuckold humiliation and domination 3 – Have you help her get ready for a date with a real man As if it isn’t bad enough knowing she’s going out with another man, a man much better than you, she will also reinforce this fact by having you help her get ready.

Using you like a seat while she applies her makeup, having you put her stocking on, clasp her bra, dry her hair and zip up her dress.

Not only do you not get to fuck her but she fucks you instead.

She will hammer your arse till your eyes water and make sure you feel total degradation.

One of the biggest humiliations a slave can endure is being turned into a cuckold.

Having to accept your wife, girlfriend or Mistress sees you as so insignificant and inferior that she sleeps with other men, sucking their dicks and letting them fondle her tits, and all the while you get nothing.

It will help remind you that you’re not a real man and that you would as well being a sissy.

She can either make a big point of rubbing it in your face or she can just be a matter of fact about it but either way, the result will be the same.2 – Force you to watch her with another man The ultimate cuckold humiliation.

Being made to watch her suck another man’s cock and having him fuck her.

– cuckold humiliation for losers There are many different ways that she can make you a cuck so she can torment you to tears so here we have listed1 – Make you listen to her tell you about her sex session Knowing how much you want and desire her, she will get a huge amount of sadistic satisfaction from making you sit and listen as she tells you all about her latest sexual exploits and all the things she did with her real man lover.

About how big his dick was, how thick it was, how she gave him an awesome blowjob, how he filled her pussy and stretched it and of all the different positions they did before describing in detail how hard she came and how big her orgasm was.

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