Crescendo dating sim

I actually encourage that someone make a simdate for girls, not that i'd play it, but that could be a reason why people havent nade one like that, because some users might think the person is gay or think they are sick or something along that line. Newgrounds was created so any users that wish to join to have fun or make fun activities for others.

It so hapenned that most of these people were males and nobody can change the truth (that's bullshit, anyone can, but lets talk about the present here). In order to attract more females to make games for girls, you'd need more of those games. Think about that scale, it's so unbalanced it flips right around. I just want to say that I don't think NG needs female-POV dating games to attract girls.

Plus, in real-life situations, in my experience it seems to be easier for a girl to get a boy. Well, in some level, it may be sexisit, but it's more of a matter of no one willing to make it.

Boys have more trouble in my experience as a girl with loads of boy mates, so they need the simple dating-sims to free them from the trouble of having to meet their girlfriend's needs. I mean, you can yell all you want about it, but if you can't do anything about it, then your fight is rather pointless.

The voice assets from this version of the game, but not the extended scenarios, were utilized by G-Collections in their English translation of the game, which was released on October 20, 2003.

A reprint version was released in Japan on March 4, 2005 and a Russian version was produced by Macho Studio in 2007.

Anyway people are just repeating what was said before, this thread should be locked. At least one is free, and the others have demos before buying the real thing. 3) Some of G-Collections' and Peach Princess's better visual novels have -good- stories - Kana Little Sister, Crescendo, Snow Drop, and my fave Heart de Roommate. I got into anime/manga just as shoujo was getting popular - 1998.

Don't start whinging because no-one wants to spend weeks making a Flash to suit your needs Well I'm never going to be upset if one is not made. You think most guys are gonna do that, unless being laid is your offer, cause flash progammers must go for months at a time with it, no sane, straghit, guy is gonna make one for you, so make one yourself it is that simple it isnt unfair, we put are horny energies into creative projects.

I was actually surpised this topic was still going. Do you really think that artists draw naked women cause it is art?

I have the know-how to make a male dating sim, but why would I bother spending the time on something that 100 people would appreciate (and the other 98% would call me gay), when I could make something that 10000 users would appreciate?

If it really bothers you that much, go get Flash, and make it yourself.

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