Christianet dating

The least i know is that i dont have to worry about some of the issues which will surface when we have our own family in the future. I 've seen a real life example as well whereby a close friend of mine who choose to date a non believer after her tough breakup with existing boyfriend. She no longer attending church and pick up my calls.I dont know why she wouldnt pick up my call but i actually wanted to just say HI I disagree, dating can be done for its own sake, it doesn't have to have anything whatsoever to do with marriage. If I limit who I have companionship with, then I'm excluding people from my life based on a religious technicality.

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--Another thought: If you see God as Almighty, what does that mean to you?

Should it not perhaps mean that even things phrased as warnings in the Word ought be taken as having the weight of commands from God ..a prudent/wise person?

I cannot find anything to commend dating not-Christians, but I find much to oppose it.

I was the not-Christian (agnostic) in my marriage of many years ago. I personally want my children to be raised according to christian values. Will he change or being not so committed when faced with worldly temptations such as money, women. Knowing that my partner is a Christian and a god fearing person i can be assured that he will love me unconditionally 4.

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