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An exhaustive and reliable Malay chat-style text corpus is still lacking.

Thus, the provided criteria are used to demonstrate the process of constructing a Twitter corpus known as the Malay Chat-style Corpus (MCC).

The process of constructing a corpus conforms to specific corpus criteria, such as representativeness, sampling, variety, and chronology.The MCC, which has 1 million twitter messages, consists of 14,484,384 word instances, 646,807 terms and metadata, such as posting time, used twitter client application, and type of Twitter message (simple Tweet, Retweet, Reply).Furthermore, the results of the analysis of the MCC reveal characteristics of the corpus including the most frequent terms and collocations, Zipf law diagram, Twitter peak hours, and percentages of message types.I may be old but I may be wiser than you,” he said in jest.Dr Mahathir also asked Sophia a few questions, one of which was whether she dreams of a world where humans and robots live together and get along with each other.

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