Buffalo router validating identity

If using a wired connection between the computer and the router, check the cable is plugged in correctly.A web search using the product name and model number will usually return links to what you need.How can i get by-pass this so there is internet avaiable on her laptop again?I think there must be an issue with the router's encryption (WPA) and the USB adapter being able to connect to this encryption.Default wireless security settings are not published for obvious security reasons: sign in to the router to determine your current settings.wireless switch on a laptop may be turned off, or the adapter may be disabled in Device Manager).If you can see your network but the system does not ask you for your Key or Passphrase (Windows) or Password (Mac OSX) then it is trying to use a previously stored profile for the same network name (SSID).

If still not connecting, check your IP address, and if it starts 169.254.*, check that firewall software is not blocking the connection.

If this happens then you need to edit or trash the saved profile before retrying.

Then disable and re-enable the connection before retrying (also under Control Panel / Network Connections).- In Windows Vista the profiles are saved in Manage Wireless Networks (under Control Panel / Network and Sharing Center) Remove the profile for your SSID.

If that works then it is a wireless problem and there is more possibility that I it is a wireless security.

You it does not help then try it again with wireless but this time you have to disable the router for wireless security.

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