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The filings show that Stacey Nicholas sought to have the assets divided equally first, so that her ex-husband alone would face any potential liability from the options cases.

In one filing, Stacey Nicholas said she had never heard of the issue of options backdating at Broadcom before reading about it in a newspaper.

Langan, a former Los Angeles County police officer, alleged that Henry Nicholas stated that there were other drugs in his office and that he would “show me [Langan] where they were.” Langan said that Nicholas “went behind his desk, crawling on his hands and knees, looking underneath the drawers.” There was no indication in the declaration that Nicholas found any drugs.

After Henry Nicholas left the home, Orange County sheriff’s deputies arrived and conducted a test that confirmed the white powder found in the fanny pack was cocaine, Langan said.

Federal indictments have accused Nicholas of distributing illegal drugs to friends and business associates, and of manipulating Broadcom stock options to provide .2 billion in benefits to employees of the Irvine microchip company without disclosing his actions to other shareholders.

Also snarling efforts to divide the couple’s community property have been demands by regulators and Broadcom shareholders that Henry Nicholas potentially repay more than the couple’s net worth.

He discussed this decision in a 2006 court declaration that was made public this week.“I stepped down from a once-in-a-lifetime position as CEO of Broadcom in order to salvage my marriage and strengthen my relationships with my children,” Nicholas wrote.

A battle over their children was ultimately settled with a joint-custody agreement.

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She said Henry Nicholas’ drug use was one of the reasons she had sought to end the couple’s marriage.

Although none were charged criminally, some of their executives, like Apple CFO Fred Anderson, were forced to settle with the SEC for sums as large as .5 million.

It was not a very good time for executives to be involved in unfair compensation practices, and the country was not amused.

Nicholas has proven that she is willing to say and do anything.” Henry Nicholas’ attorneys also claimed in court documents that Langan had become romantically involved with Stacey Nicholas.

A spokesman for Stacey Nicholas said Thursday that the relationship did not begin until after the incident with the fanny pack. 2006, declaration in the divorce case, Nicholas said a man -- whose name was redacted in the document -- “has witnessed Petitioner [Stacey Nicholas] use drugs on numerous occasions from 2000 to 2004.”“He has seen her use cocaine, ecstasy and nitrous oxide,” Nicholas said.

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