Bosnian dating rules

Of course, I am now referring to all of you rare football non-lovers, because in Croatia, football is life. So the best thing to do is to go to a local beer pub and see for yourself.

THEY LIKE THEIR BEER COLD AND GIRLS WITHOUT BEERThis is an optional advice. But usually, it is not appreciated if girls drink beer. You won’t make a big mistake, after all you are here to find out what all the (beer) fuss is about.

THEY LIKE THEIR GIRLS PRETTYSome boys ( younger ones) like their girls with full make-up.

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THEY LOVE THEIR CARNever underestimate the power of his car. I am serious about the last one, they really take care of it and wash it (or wash him since the car is more than an “it”) often.

Even if old and slow, it is the fastest car ever and he did the best job fixing it. On the other hand they don’t take care of their rooms as much, but after all, car is their friend.

But the bottom line always seems to be that women are known to be complicated and boys are said to be simple.

For Croatian boys some things count as usual and normal, but there are always exceptions.

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