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This book will give you a list of 27 of my favorite places to meet women on daily basis.It will teach you rejection proof techniques to engage women in these venues, create fast attraction, take them on an instant date and much more.This course will teach you skills to approach and get instant dates with women no matter where you meet them.The real success with women happens when you meet them on a regular basis as part of your lifestyle.Use these moves on a woman you just met, your female friend or a special woman you desire and make her experience intense desire for you.These moves will bypass traditional dating and lead to instant hookup.Watch me approach a woman at a bar and leave with her in under an hour, approach women on a beach and take her home during the daytime, turn my female friend into a lover and much more.Watch my interactions then model after them on the next women you meet, finally turn that female friend or your lifelong flame into your lover and even approach random women on street, bars, and restaurant then get intimate quickly.

We take every precaution to ensure a safe event, but like with all obstacle courses there are associated risks.

Spartan OS alumni can re-enroll in the class for 50% off the list price. Sign up for Spartan OS plus an online Spartan SGX workshop at a special price.

In Spartan’s new group fitness class, Spartan Strong, participants conquer mind and body challenges in an innovative workout combining variable intensity resistance training, bodyweight moves, dynamic stretching, and cardio-focused drills using the Spartan Pancake sandbag.

They have the incredibly important job and duty to train other top professionals as Spartan SGX Coaches.

Our Spartan Obstacle Specialist Instructors are distinguished Spartan SGX Coaches--experts in the sport of obstacle racing--who teach the Spartan OS class around the globe.

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