Bindingsource not updating

The only problem comes from adding a new Row from within the program.

There are certain values that cannot be Null inside the Access Database, so I cannot just Insert a blank row and then recieve a new Data Set from the database.

I load the binding source as such: Binding Source bs Supplies = new Binding Source(data Set, "Supplies"); combo Menu List. Display Membe", bs Supplies, "Category Name"); .... Even clicking on my btn Next button that executes bs Supplies. Position goes from 0 to 1 to 2 on the first three clicks. I guess I'm not certain why you need to edit the items through the Binding Source - the Binding Source is simply an intermediary between the datatable and the UI component.

and so forth for every other data bound control on the form. Count field by 1 and puts a blank field into the combo Menu List combobox. Yes, I can get a valid Data Row View through the event's returned object. The underlying datatable is what you should really be editing if you are doing so programmatically.

Shoot Id = shoot Id Prop _ Select New With ' Automatically resize the visible rows. Auto Size Rows Mode = Data Grid View Auto Size Rows Mode.

Our solution was to place a bindingsource between the control and the dataset.

Prior to saving the data, call bindingsource.endedit() to commit the data.

It is when I bring this panel to the front that the values are set. Is there a way to force bound controls to have values set to them even if they are still hidden?

With dgv Trophies ' Automatically generate the Data Grid View columns. Auto Generate Columns = True ' Set up the data source.

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