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He has led the design and development of the dating app.

His curiosity, intellect, and geeky spirit inspire the team to push the boundaries of what a dating app can do.

“Woo Plus is not just pictures and lines of code — we pour our hearts into it.

We want our users to feel the love from us, from each other, and from within.” Due to the vulnerability of its members, the Woo Plus team’s first priority is fostering a safe and positive dating environment for users seeking love.

The team does not tolerate users who harass, spam, or deceive others.

Her weight made her target for rude comments on mainstream dating sites, and she had difficulty finding men to build her up instead of tearing her down.

Neil wanted to send a body-positive message to the women of the world, like this sister, who may be carrying a few extra pounds but are no less deserving of love and devotion.

By connecting a niche network of curvaceous daters, Woo Plus is combating the stigma against men and women with more to love.

I’ve heard many of my single friends complain about their weight and worry over their curves.

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