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To catch his daredevil downhill act, check out the wild 1987 film The Blizzard of Aahhh's. I ewisr Tie did not know, He felt the stillness of his studio, a similar stillness in himself, and sat quiet so long he could have been posing for a portrait. Korea and Hong Kong* submitting himself to the Lunacy oi ill it* elite fakiejirs— men who claimed the\ could slay an opponent with their breath or c/n— anti simply because his hunger to learn was insatiable. He could tolerate no mas- ters" posturing long enough to ingra- tiate himself into the inner circles of am school— though HU percent of these ^ fly-by-night dqjos bottomed out inside a c year.^Vv Cl C.'^-' Blockcomb and Whistler mountains, Whistler Village, Brit- ish Columbia, Eleva- tion; 7000-plus feet. I hen: “You paid foi a week iu advance, l owe you another lesson." Morgan snorted, "hi what — C hinese ballet? “A private le s- son in biid Gi 111 keep die studio open un- til you gei here." And then he hung up. They made hint pay for the "privilege” of their teachings. And, hell* he was a bilge rat, never in an\ port long enough to move up in ® milk.In.} Rose by Ane Utei SJame, Kahn gives a moving account of the hero's downfall. f let former husband was a kic k) man to have known hen [ason 1 L Stalls La Fayette, Georgia I have a complaint about your Septem- ber issue, I he rover line, m s a Bt » y, u s \ taut, rrs u i v is misleading. ” "Well, fifty's for me, fifty*;* for you, and for ■ i f ten buck*.It s an excerpt from his forthcoming book Games We Used to Play, to be published by Houghton Mifflin As the guy who said “1 don't believe in life after death, but just in case, I'm bringing a change of underwear/’ Woody Allen may be the Iasi man you'd expect to be thinking about i tumor- tali iy- I hat’s all right; l auadfan novel! She is nei- ther a boy not a gu I but just what Playftay is famous foi; a beautiful woman- Siie is now a woman of dignity* courage and beauty, a woman of whom any man in his right mind — certainly this man — would be proud. Massachusetts I con Ed i i t care less about the opinions of British bureaucrats, Ever) fiber in mv body cells me that Fula is a woman. O, crowd on July Fourth w eekend, [ 968) and The Soft Parade; A Retrospec- tive (including the band's last TV gig, on PBS in 1 969). I can get the builder to fix them." / didn't / promise you a white Christmas? She has a degree in Sanskrit, eth- n oastronomy, Icelandic musicology or something equally in demand in the contemporary market place.No matter how impeccable your behavior, there’s bound to be a time when you find yourself going at it hammer and tongs with your significant other hi H&W to Argue, Michael Crichton, author of The Andromeda Strain , reveals ways to come out a w inner — and still have sex, I lie illustration is bv Guy Blllouf.

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A former Olympian, seven-time Nor Am Champion, five-time National Champion and once ranked third overall in the world among slalom skiers, he says his favorite ski spots are Park City; Alta and Deer Valley, Utah.

He says his next choice would be Vail, Col- orado, adding that the West Coast definitely has the best sin- gles scene.

“There may be good-looking women east of the Rockies, but they're wearing so many layers of clothing to combat the cold and humidity that they Ye tough to spot/' And Glen Plake (pictured opposite), whose freewheeling downhill style puts him on runs where mere mortals fear to tread* prefers California's Mammoth and June mountains but warns that you *11 need to prepare yourself for a major L. He also noted Taos, New’ Mexi- co* as a “great place for light powder, plenty of ridge running and Texas women on vacation/' So start waxing those skis, because these guys know’ where to go if you're really looking for action* PHOTOGRAPHS BS RICHARD FEGIEY 146 Glen Flake's head-turning style and radical technique have mode him the hair appar* ent to the extreme skier's crown.

in uncharacteristical- ly simple terms, What We Get by Giving, Nor would die season be complete without a consideration of w ho’s naughty and who's nice, and we have (he luwdown in The Christmas Tin List.

Both pieces are must reading if you care two farthings about charity. ” the at- / r to Miey asked, "Oli, I si ill love her very much/ the man tr replied, “but all she wants is sex.

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