Bc to ad dating system

Between the two dating systems, BC and BCE, there is a subtle difference.

However, the difference is good enough to know them as distinct and separate.

As a matter of fact, BC is written after the year number.

Wikipedia also mentions an issue with the Julian Calendar and the Gregorian Calendar historically both using AD/BC, leading to some confusion as to which calendar system is being referred to: The terms "Common Era", "Anno Domini", "Before the Common Era" and "Before Christ" can be applied to dates that rely on either the Julian calendar or the Gregorian calendar.

Replacing it with "Common Era"/"Before Common Era" reinforces the notion of a global, common epoch starting at the height of the Roman Empire.

When "Christian Era" is used, it's still clear what epoch is being referred to (i.e.

This is based on the fact that western calendar is influenced by a lot of religious beliefs. • Since BCE does not have any religious references, it is for non-Christians.

For example, if you take the month of January, the name January was inspired by the name Janus. • Some say using BCE instead of BC is good because that shows the authors are respecting non-Christians.

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