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And believe me, there’s nothing subservient about my Thai wife!

We’ve been on the receiving end of intellectual snobbery, by highly educated people who think that graduates of American universities have cornered the market on knowledge, and treat my wife – who has a Masters degree in environmental studies and is a very successful journalist and writer – like a poor uneducated immigrant who needs to be taught even the simplest of concepts.

Through repetition and exposure, what wasn't popular in the '50s and '60s slowly became more normalized.

Asian women became the new face of beauty for many of the men that sat through trade show pitches, and read tech magazines.

That’s why Thai women who work in restaurants, whose names have eight syllables and are completely unpronounceable to Americans, usually call themselves something like “Jane.” It’s just easier.

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Somewhere in the anti-human trafficking movement, there is a document of things that are supposed to be key indicators of human trafficking, and unfortunately, some of those indicators are false and borne out of ignorance of the culture.

There was a sense that I had sinned by leaving a “good Christian woman” and taking up with a heathen. “If you believe in an afterlife, why not believe in a before-life?

” A reasonable question, especially from a Buddhist who believes in reincarnation.

You just see it more in the Bay Area because there is a large enough Asian population to make it noticeable.

OKCupid, which loves to crunch data, came out with an analysis in 2009 showing that Asian men face a statistical disadvantage in dating, across all races, while Asian women do not.

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