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But if for some reason you’re still not aware of it, the shorthand is this: a tabloid magazine came out with pictures of Mii-chan leaving Shirahama Alan’s, a member of EXILE, house.Then the next day a video was uploaded to AKB48’s official youtube channel where she deeply apologized and shaved her head. And it was said how she was demoted down to Kenkyuusei level.Johnny’s fans might have the unwritten fandom rule or not approaching them on the train, and if you see them on the train move to another part.But that’s pretty much as respectful as some fans get.And even if the entertainment industry was 100% the way Japan as a whole is does that mean we should just look the other way and go, “well that’s just how they do things in Japan? Maybe if more fans (domestic fans anyway) were outraged by this things would change.And it’s not like the entire country agrees with the way the Mii-chan situation is being handled.

Sure, they stole I think Tokunaga Chinami’s (It was an H!And as awful as it sounds, she even made out better than a lot of female idols do. C-Z member Hashimoto Ryosuke and C-ute member Arihara Kana and the scandal involving Hey! JUMP member Takaki Yuya and 9nine member Kato Rubi. They could have easily gotten rid of both guys without much of an impact to either group. Back when Takaki had his scandal he was 17, and during Ryosuke’s scandal he was 16. But these are just the scandals that are seen in photos.Even though she humiliated herself by groveling and shaving her head extremely short, she at least got to remain a member of the group. A lot of other female idols have had their careers destroyed just by having boyfriends. Or what about the scandals that have effected both male and female idols? If you follow any of those groups you’ll know exactly what happened. What about what the tabloids that just write about Johnny’s?And that is true, they got something like number 101 on the list of countries with the most rights.And the way the entertainment industry is run has nothing to do with how the entire country is run.

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