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Women dressed in black abayas–full-length gowns–and men wearing kufis–a knitted cap–with beards are a common sight.Even young girls wearing hijab– a Muslim headscarf–or a young boy in traditional throbes–a type of linen robe–stroll along the sidewalk with their mothers.After the animal is sacrificed one third is for your family, one third is given to charity, and the last third is given as a gift.But it is not mandatory to slaughter an animal, especially if you do not have the financial means to do so.“There are people who fast for nine days, others increase in giving to charity, reading the Qur’an and other righteous actions,” he adds. According to the Qur’an, it signifies when Abraham offered to kill his son as a test from God and a lamb was sent and slaughtered instead.Muslims, if they have the ability to do so, buy an animal to be sacrificed in a halal, or prescribed, way.But most Salafis do not wish to participate in modern photography; it is considered haram, which means unlawful in Arabic.Overall, this means the interpretation follows the holy texts, including practicing polygamy.

Clothing, perfumes, artwork and books are sold while hot soup steams on another table.

“Christianity just couldn’t answer my questions, Islam did,” he says.

Raqiyb volunteers at the Masjid and works for a homeless men’s shelter in the neighborhood.

Born in the small, landlocked country of Burundi in east central Africa, Rahman was raised as a Muslim and came to Philadelphia 18 years ago to spread the religious word.

He speaks humbly, despite his memorization of the Quran and mastering of three languages.

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