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You can get in touch online via webchat, or phone us toll free. All contact between you and the specialist is private and confidential. Your identity and contact information will not be given to anyone else, unless we're concerned about your immediate safety, or someone else's. Our trained specialists are available for you to contact when you’re ready to get in touch.In Washington, if two inmates are related they can schedule a mutual visit with civilian family members.And actually, only 48% of conjugal visits in New York in 2014 were with spouses.

And so it stands to reason that conjugal visits are on their way out -- at least in the way they function today.

"It’s not like they can just do it," Ryan said of prisoners seeking to host conjugal visits.

"There's a waiting list, and they know well in advance [when they're scheduled].

Without an overhauled rehabilitation system in general, it seems unrealistic that one small -- and fading -- program could have the power to ensure a better life for inmates, and their families, upon release.

In that case, we'll need to call emergency services. You can end your contact with us at any time you choose.

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