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But sometimes, I get lucky (and ahem, he does too) and I find that happy place with anal sex again.It might seem invasive to some — and yeah, a little dirty — to have anal sex as part of your bedroom adventures, but I think it's always worth a shot. Just like when you lose your virginity, losing your anal sex virginity isn’t exactly pleasurable.If you're a guy looking for the perfect bootie, or a woman seeking someone who can deliver the rear end satisfaction you crave, you're at the right adult dating place.Of all the dating sites who claim to have what you're looking for, we only have members that want to give or receive anal fuck excitement.Even so, after reading about what to do, we gave it a try. After years of lackluster, jack-rabbit sex, I’m amazed at what this older dude can do with his tongue, with his hands, and with his body.But as soon as he barely entered me, I asked him to stop and apologized, telling him that I just couldn’t do it. He isn’t the most well-endowed man I’d ever known, but he is the first to ever give me a stellar orgasm and to really, as the romance novels put it, worship my body.

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The first time we went for it, he started by going down on me.

But with the right person, the right patience, and the right movement, you might just find yourself persuaded to the other side. Though my first anal sex experience was sans lube and it was fine, lube will be your best friend. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

Most women enjoy vaginal sex, but we cater those who get off on anal penetration.

Meet anal lovers in your local area who, like you, enjoy anal backdoor pleasure.

Here you will find others who are interested in anal play.

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