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In school, work, family, and friendships, I feared making people disappointed and worked to avoid that.Now that I am finally facing my disabilities and accepting the limitations they impose, I am learning to accept that this model is not sustainable or healthy.Sometimes, these feelings win, and I don’t ask my partners for reassurance.But more often now, I just turn to one of them and say, “Hey, I’m feeling anxious and like that thing I said two hours ago was stupid.

For the past five years, employment verification has worked seamlessly, without ever jeopardizing privacy or information leaks.

I feel disappointed when a friend cancels, but I don’t hate them for it.

Over the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about the ways in which my brain and body work.

Find us on Best and of course, on our dynamic website. Eros dumped us in 2012 for no apparent reason which left us concluding that their business strategy didn’t match ours.

At first, we felt grief but quickly realized that the loss was not ours at all.

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